Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Road Again!

I am writing this from one of the many airport lounges of the Hong Kong airport, on my way to London and points beyond for two months of exciting, archaeology-filled travel. Why? On the occasion of the successful submission of my PhD, I figure a break is needed before the mad-cap process of application filing, paper writing, and the inevitable thesis corrections in a few months time, is allowed to resume! I am very excited to visit countries in the UK that I have dreamed of visiting most of my adult life, as well as a return to the US to visit family; catching up with archaeological and antiquities trade research colleagues both old and new.

I am also honoured to attend and present at the 14th EurASEAA (European Association for Southeast Asian Archaeology) conference in Dublin from the 18th-21st September, including chairing its first ever panel devoted to bioarchaeology. I will do my best to "live-blog" at least twice while the conference is on (and with more promptness than I mustered in Berlin). A post or two giving my impressions of the British Museum's displayed archaeological collections is inevitable... Stay tuned for all these updates and more as I set off on my next great adventure!

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